Do you need to improve business performance with critically important customers?

Some of the challenges are:-

  • Fierce competition;
  • Increasing customer knowledge & expectations;
  • Pressure to reduce price - harder to differentiate products and services;
  • Need to have a strategic plan and be less reactive;
  • Highly complex customer decision making processes;
  • Need for company-wide cooperation - break down "silo mentality";
  • Growth opportunities require planning and prioritisation of resources.

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Welcome, my name is Tom Richardson, founder and principal of Richardson Management Pty Ltd.

Here you will find proven strategies, tools and techniques that have been implemented by many of Australia's leading companies.
We provide the following professional services:-

  • Strategic Key Account Management - Strategic Key Account Management is a company-wide initiative which focuses on planning, managing and maximising business with your strategically important customers.
  • Conference Workshops - A conference or meeting is a convenient time, when everyone is together, for Tom to facilitate a dynamic, interactive workshop which can be of 1 hour, ½ day, full day or multi days in duration.
  • Group Training - Customised training, expertly facilitated by Tom, will enable the whole team to learn new strategies, tools and techniques that result in improved performance and lasting change.

Richardson Management Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne, Australia and operates throughout Australia and internationally
and provides support for businesses of all sizes by providing Strategic Key Account Management, Conference Workshops, and Group Training.

Richardson Management's past and present clients include: