Professional Consultative Selling (Solution Selling) is a critical skill for top level sales professionals and key account managers who need to sell complex, technical, high priced, intangible solutions and where there is a need to build a long term relationship with the customer.

It focuses on planning and conducting sales calls that create value by helping buyers realise unseen problems and opportunities that they could not have developed on their own.  These strategies are fundamental to all sellers regardless of role or tenure. As the marketplace continues to experience commoditisation and consolidation, it is more critical than ever that salespeople and account managers learn to create, not just communicate, client value and deliver truly integrated solutions.

This requires a much more strategic view of the seller/customer relationship.  The deepest value now resides not in your products or services themselves but in the relationship with the customer, and in the manner in which you can demonstrate through that relationship how you meet a real business need.

Some of the benefits of coaching include:-

  • Learn what it takes to be a high performing sales professional based on well researched and proven strategies;
  • Make incremental sales, sell at higher margins and build profitable new business opportunities;
  • Don’t base your selling activities on a whim or gut feel – be more proactive and use a structured methodology when selling;
  • See the sales process through the eyes of the customer and the steps they go through in their “buying process”;
  • Take away a step by step guide, including tools and templates, to enable you to design strategies that will influence your customers to take action and buy!
  • Move higher up the decision making chain and interact with higher-level executives.
  • Create more competitive differentiation by going beyond product selling with a value-added service to contributing to business and organizational goals of the customer.
  • Develop closer and potentially longer-lasting relationships with customers.
  • Learn powerful questioning skills to identify and intensify the customer's needs;
  • Learn questioning strategy to influence the customer to see the value in the solution you offer and urgency to take action;
  • Take price out of the equation as what you are providing is a unique solution which can’t be compared to competitors products and services (and lower prices)
  • Learn how to best present your “solution” in it’s best light – stand out from the crowd and communicate your offering in a way that the differentiates you from the competition;
  • Prevent objections and customer resistance which are barriers to a successful sale;
  • Learn closing techniques that are non manipulative and professional and that encourage a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Tom's coaching  programs can be run as either group coaching or individual coaching and can be conducted either face to face  at your office, or away from your office at another suitable venue.  We are also set up to provide interactive remote, virtual coaching  via Microsoft Teams.

If you need some help then please contact us today and we’re happy to schedule an obligation free consultation to see if our services are a good fit.