Important account customers are arguably your greatest asset and it therefore critical that you effectively identify, plan, manage and maximise business with them in a strategic, structured and systematic way.

Learn from Tom’s unique insights and experience in coaching Strategic Key Account Management at many leading organisations both in Australia and internationally. 

Some of the learning outcomes from Tom's coaching include:-

Identifying Key Accounts from Customer Base

  • What is a key account in your business context?
  • Criteria to define your key account customers?
  • The step by step process to identifying key accounts
  • Segmentation and account prioritisation.

Profiling the Key Account

  • Identifying all the information needed to develop a KAM strategy
  • Building a key account profile

 Competitive Analysis

  • "Enhanced" SWOT analysis

  • Identify your competitive strengths and vulnerabilities through customer's eyes;
  • Strategies to take advantage of strengths and overcome competitive vulnerabilities.

Creating added value - meeting the customer’s needs

  • Identifying customer needs
  • Looking beyond ‘best price’ or ‘best discount’
  • Finding areas to value-add services or products – the “Value Added Search”
  •  Identify The Value Chain – how to create value for account's internal customers.

Developing the Strategic Key Account Plan

  • Defining purpose of Account Plans
  • Templates and Formats for Account Plans
  • Overcoming barriers to completing Account Plans

Managing the relationship

  • The KAM relationship model
  • Identifying the decision makers in the key account and those with influence
  • Gate keepers and the necessity of their co-operation
  • The contact matrix
  • Conducting Account Review meetings
  • Measurement of effectiveness of key account relationship and benefits;
  • Portfolio of accounts: What is the optimum level of accounts to manage?

Internal "buy-in" of key account management

  • Identifying inter-dependent functional areas to be managed
  • Provision of customer focused training to support sales & service initiatives
  • Empowering internal sales staff
  • Facilitating a customer centric culture
  • Managing internal barriers to key account management

Beyond selling - key skills and attributes of a successful key account manager.

  • The different hats that a key account manager wears
  • Skills required to be an effective key account manager.

Tom's coaching  programs can be run as either group coaching or individual coaching and can be conducted either face to face  at your office, or away from your office at another suitable venue.  We are also set up to provide interactive remote, virtual coaching  via Microsoft Teams.

If you need some help then please contact us today and we’re happy to schedule an obligation free consultation to see if our services are a good fit.