Key Account Management (KAM) is a company-wide initiative which focuses on building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with your strategically important customers. 

These customers are arguably your greatest asset and it therefore critical that you effectively identify, plan, manage and maximize business with these customers in a strategic, structured and systematic way

Many organisations fail to deal with their key accounts in an effective manner. They still sell to these customers at a transactional level instead of managing the business at a strategic level. 

While the theory of key account management is simple and straightforward enough - good common sense in most cases –its practical application is not so easy and takes longer than you think!  It is within your organisation that you will face the the biggest challenges. 

The successful implementation of key account management, which can take from 1-3 years, will require an internal KAM champion or driver and a step by step transition plan.

Learn from Tom’s unique insights and experience in implementing key account management in many leading organisations that has resulted in lasting change, increased profitability and improved performance. 

Some of the learning outcomes from Tom's coaching include:-

  • Raise your status in the eyes of the key account from just another supplier to a valued, trusted partner;
  • Develop a strategic Key Account Plan to identify actions to maximise business with Key Account Customers and secure greater profitability, loyalty and retention;
  • Identify the competencies and qualities required to be an effective key account manager – why can’t most salespeople make the grade;
  • Strategically manage the complex matrix of relationships between you and your key account customer;
  • Gain a DEEP understanding of your customer’s needs, challenges and ambitions and use your strengths to assist and support your customer;
  • Facilitate strategic thinking and planning at all levels of your organisation;
  • Encourage cross functional cooperation, break down the silos and orchestrate the pursuit of a common goal – the long term satisfaction of key account customers;
  • Overcome the many barriers and obstacles to transitioning to key account management within your organisation;
  • Influence internal departments, break down "silos" and develop a "customercentric" culture;
  • Identify customers needs (both stated and unarticulated) and create "value" by developing products and services that go beyond just meeting needs;
  • Improve customer interfacing skills;
  • Effectively use solution selling skills when diagnosing needs and presenting unique value added solution.

Click on the link to see a brochure of a seminar Tom presented on Key Account Management in Kuala Lumpar Malaysia in 2017.Brochure - Key Account Management.pdf

How we connect

Our programs can be run as either group coaching or individual coaching and can be conducted either at your office, or away from your office at another suitable venue e.g.. local cafe.  

We are also currently set-up to offer our coaching workshops over Zoom and currently service clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and regional centres throughout Australia.

There are usually 6-8  coaching sessions and they last for about 2 hours and are held weekly but can be held more frequently if time permits.

 Also included is unlimited, ad hoc email and phone coaching for the duration of the coaching assignment.

If you need some help then please contact us today and we’re happy to schedule an obligation free consultation to see if our services are a good fit.