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Small to medium size businesses often have challenges in finding cost effective, day to day marketing services to help them get more business. Richardson Management can provide assistance in developing sales focused marketing strategies that are necessary in today's increasingly competitive business world, but often small to medium sized business owners don't have the expertise or time to address.

Many of our clients are Franchise or Dealer networks who are looking to train/coach their franchisees and dealers to be more sophisticated in the way they plan their Local Area Marketing activities. When local marketing is combined with the power of national brand advertising and promotional campaigns - you start to reap the benefits of being part of a franchise/dealer group!

  • Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan;
  • Define your USP - value proposition;
  • Market segmentation and target marketing
  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis;
  • Website design & development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google AdWords campaign
  • Email promotion - mail chimp/constant contact

Marketing Plans

Marketing activities have maximum effectiveness as part of a strategic marketing plan.

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For the small to medium sized business, we will review your past and present marketing and results in conjunction with your business plan. Then put together a strategic marketing plan for your staff to implement.

This service requires considerable input from the client - marketing, sales and management - to collect historical data and ensure all views, perceptions and needs are understood. We will also speak with both past and present clients to gain their insight into you and your market.

Taking all this information into consideration, we assist your organisation in preparing an effective, marketing plan.

Local Area Marketing

We train your franchisees or dealers to be more strategic (less ad hoc) and put some structure into local marketing. This means that they can develop sustainable, long term, measurable local marketing programs that will increase their sales and bottom line.

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No one knows their area better than those who live and work in it. That’s why each franchisee or dealership should create its own Marketing Plan and activity schedule.

With the growing popularity of Relationship Marketing coupled with new technology, we assist small-medium sized businesses to form profitable relationships with their customers.

We assist franchise or dealer groups to motivate those less involved franchisees or dealers. The simple economics of local area marketing is that greater usage = greater profits.

Freelance Marketing Services

Availability of a qualified marketing specialist to optimise the success of your marketing strategy. Small to medium size businesses often cannot afford the luxury of qualified marketing specialist on staff.

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Internal people can often use language in marketing material that is too corporate, technical, or simply misunderstanding what really matters to your target market.

Under our freelance marketing service, we will work with you on-site or off-site on an ad-hoc basis. What this means for your businesses is that you gain access to expert, professional resources when you need it.

By using our freelance marketing service, you gain qualified marketing expertise without the commitment of permanent employment.

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