Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching & Development

If you are a top level sales professional or key account manager who needs to sell complex, technical, high priced, often intangible products and services then you will need the right strategies and skills to influence the customer, present your solution and perform at your best.

If you meet with senior managers and decision makers then the sorts of issues facing these executives will be..

  • How are you helping me solve the issues and problems that face my business?
  • How can you help me to take advantage of an opportunity that I have?
  • How can you increase the business value of what I'm doing?
  • Can you link what you're selling to my overall shareholder value?
  • Give me something that is greater than the sum of the parts of what you're selling me.”

Our approach is to create a customised and exclusive group or 1:1 sales coaching program which involves the following process steps:

  • Needs analysis – A needs-analysis is conducted with management and participants to ensure the program caters to specific development needs and identifies common trends across the organisation.
  • Customised - the program is custom designed to be relevant to your customers, markets, products, processes, company policies and specific challenges.
  • Personalised – participants will work on their own real-world problems during the program.
  • Interactive - will involve open discussion, role playing and small-group sessions.
  • Minimum disruption – Ideally the sales coaching program would be completed at one concentrated time. However it can be spread out over weeks or months. A conference, seminar or meeting can be an ideal time when the whole team is together, to focus on improving strategies and skills.
  • Follow-up - On going reinforcement including unlimited ad hoc email/phone coaching support for 6 months.

Whether your need is for a total end to end solution, or a program that addresses a precise area of challenge, we will design a customised program that fits your objectives and budget.

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