Management today is a complex and multi faceted role. As well as being good at managing costs and keeping tight control the manager must also be an inspiring leader.

The methods used in the past to manage and control people are no longer applicable in the Information Age today where people do not respect authority and are taught to question everything. Rather than "controlling the what" managers today must "create the how" through enlightened leadership and supportive coaching.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is at the heart of leadership, and effective managers understand that it is our EI as well as our IQ that will ultimately determine how successful we are in business. Listening, empathy, rapport, giving constructive feedback to modify behaviour, positive attitude, optimism, conflict resolution, understanding personality styles (our own and others) even temperament, team spirit, trust, influencing, etc... need to be part of the manager’s skills repertoire.

Talented people want to work in an environment where they are stretched, challenged, developed and supported. Where they can improve their skills and knowledge and grow. Recruiting, retaining and keeping motivated talent is the battleground for companies nowadays.

Even a 10% improvement in the effectiveness or motivation of a manager as a result of coaching provides a high return on investment.

Typical development needs for managers today are:-

  • Contemporary leadership skills;
  • On the job proactive coaching;
  • Emotional Intelligence;
  • Motivating and energising;
  • How to build a great team - team dynamics and effectiveness;
  • Assessing an individual person's performance;
  • Giving effective feedback to modify poor performance;
  • Presentation skills - inspirational speaking;
  • Time management, work life balance and self effectiveness;
  • Planning & facilitating effective meetings.

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