Many small to medium sized businesses need sales focused marketing strategies, that are essential in today's increasingly competitive business world, but can't afford to have a full time marketing specialist on staff.

Tom can develop a strategic marketing plan for your business which will provide the following:

  • Clear prioritisation of target industries, regions and audiences to ensure we are reaching the right people.
  • Definition of both goals, objectives and KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ) with a plan to report the most critical metrics.
  • Developing your USP or differentiation which sets you apart from competition and should be consistently promoted in all advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Planning for budgets, resources & timelines  to execute the marketing campaigns - marketing calendar;
  • Planning & organisation of specific, targeted campaigns as well as general marketing tactics that lead prospects through awareness, engagement, conversion, nurturing, and sales.

An effective strategic marketing plan ensures that every one of your marketing efforts connect the information you have with the audience that needs to hear it.

Our range of freelance marketing services can be provided to you on-site or off-site on an ad-hoc basis. What this means for your businesses is that you gain access to expert, professional resources when you need it.

Many businesses would benefit from having a qualified, experienced marketing specialist provide guidance, support & coaching.