With greater competition in all markets, businesses are increasingly attempting to gain a competitive advantage by forming, long lasting relationships with their important account customers.

These customers are arguably your greatest asset and it is critical that you effectively identify, plan, manage and maximise business with them in a strategic, structured and systematic way.

While the theory of strategic account management is straightforward enough, its practical application is not so easy! It requires patience and determination for it to succeed within your organisation and the support and guidance of an experienced coach & mentor.

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The development and implementation of an effective, highly coordinated strategic account management program involves the following process steps:

Strategy development & buy in – Strategy development involving all stakeholders to ensure engagement and buy in across the organisation.

Coaching – coaching of account managers and line managers designed to be relevant to your customers, markets, products, processes, company policies and specific challenges. Coaching is scheduled to ensure a minimum of disruption to normal business operations.

Implementation – Strategic Account Management is not a sales initiative!  It is a company - wide initiative and needs an internal champion and an implementation plan. We can guide and support with coaching and mentoring .